How to refund for unfinished orders?

If your order is unfinished for some reason, we can refund money or move money to other order.

Situations when you may ask refund

  1. You paid for the order by mistake.
  2. Your app became unavailable for target geo.
  3. Your app is permanent unavailable at the store.
  4. You created order for the wrong app.
  5. ReviewApp team cant finish orders (for some geo or huge volume).

Important note is that our Moderation team did not start your order! Because if our team starts your order, our authors got the tasks and may finish it. So we have to wait 2 days to check finished tasks and update your order statistic.

Move money to other order

If you want, we cant move the rest money to your other order. For that please create new order for the rest volume of ratings and reviews and write us to chat from what order you want to move ratings or reviews.

Refund money

If you dont want to move money to other order, we will refund money to your card. For that please write to order ID for refund.

Please note that each refund take commission for processing:

  1. Card payments - 5 USD / EUR.
  2. SWIFT/SEPA deposit - 45 USD / EUR.