Why is the posting pace different from what I ordered

We always try to follow your instructions in the order and make publications according to the settings of your orders.

However, sometimes there are situations when the number of published reviews per day may be different from those ordered for several reasons: 

1) App stores update and show new reviews and ratings with a delay of 30-48 hours. This means that if the review was published this morning, then at best it will be displayed in the store only tomorrow evening.

2) Due to different time zones. For example, the author is in one time zone, and the app store servers are in others. In such cases, the review can be published, for example, at 21:00 one day, and be published the next day. There are also countries with several time zones in which offsets are also possible for several hours.

3) Authors can take the task to work, but complete it, for example, only the next day. 

4) If the text of the review needs to be changed and the author does it, then the review is displayed with a new date of change, and not the original date of publication.

5) Due to the specifics of working with real authors, we have to send a little more tasks for publication than you order, since some authors may take the task to work, but not complete the publication. As a result, in order to achieve the required volume, we send several more tasks to the authors per day in order to get at least the required volume per day.

Please, you can be sure that we are doing everything possible to make you happy with our work!