What guaranties ReviewApp gives to clients

Average time of live of our ratings and reviews (this is average time, please note that it can be different for your app):

  • iOS: 6+ month, usually permanent.
  • Android: 4+ month, usually permanent.

As you can check in our User Agreement, we guarantee 7 days live reviews and reviews. If any ratings or reviews will be missed during this time after posting, we guaranteed refill all missed once for free.

If some ratings or reviews will be missed in more than 7 days after posting, we can send request to authors to refill missed for you for free, but this action will be in their responsibility. As authors already got reward, they can gone from our platform and do not refill. As our experience, about 90%-100% authors will refill missed if ratings/reviews are missed up to 15-20 days after posting.

Unfortunately, we cannot refill missed ratings and reviews if they missed in 2-3 and more month after posting.

Also you can buy extended guarantee to your orders for additional price.