Why do reviews from AppStore or Google Play get lost or deleted?

Due to the increasing number of rating and reviews getting deleted from the AppStore and Google Play online stores we no longer guarantee refunds for ratings and reviews if they were deleted, since this largely depends on the type of your application. Thus, by proceeding to ordering ratings and reviews, you assume the risk of possible removal of 20% to 80% of ratings and reviews. 

In order to reduce the likelihood of removal, please observe the following rules: 

  • Do not add a lot of ratings and reviews to new apps or apps with a low number of installations. 
  • Do not order more than 3-5% of ratings from the total number of installations. 
  • Do not order more than 30% of reviews from the total number of ratings. 
  • Follow ourrecommendations on review removal reduction 

Functional principle of ratings should resemble the flow of real users in proportion to the natural app traffic in the region promoted. 

Google Store can delete some of the ratings and reviews if they seem suspicious. 

Example 1: 100 installations + 15 ratings + 5 reviews is good. 
Example 2: 200 installations + 200 ratings for a new app or app without ratings is bad. 

Failures in app stores 

At times failures can occur in app stores, as a result of which reviews get lost for a while. 
Such failures are accompanied by an unstable opening of the app store, inability to open a tab with reviews or the complete absence of text reviews (although the number of stars is displayed). 

If you are not ready to agree with the above-mentioned rules, please do not order reviews from us. Remember, when creating an order in your personal account you tick the box confirming your agreement with the conditions mentioned above.