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What happens after the order is placed?



Immediately after payment and change of the order status to ‘In progress’ 

  1. Within the first 10 minutes the system ‘accelerates’ creating technical pages for performers with a briefing that specifies what should be done according to the task. 
  2. Within the next 60 minutes the system selects performers for work and sends them alerts via Email, SMS or Push (depending on the performer). 
  3. Within the next 60 minutes the system collects information about the performers who responded to the task. If the number of people is less than the number of tasks sent in step 2, step 2 is repeated. 

After 1-2 hours: 

  1. The system is absolutely sure that all tasks have been distributed to date, and the task progress is being monitored. Sometimes this period can be extended; for example, if the campaign was launched at night according to local time (people are asleep). 

After 2-4 hours: 

  1. Performers send confirmation of the task completion. 
  2. Every 3 minutes the system parses AppStore and Google Play for the release of reviews, which were confirmed by the performers. 
  3. Once the system sees a review in the store, it creates tasks for our moderators to check reviews. 
  4. The system also sends the Client an email report on the published reviews. 
  5. This period can take up to 24 hours (iOS) or 12 hours (Android). 

After 4-12 hours: 

  1. Moderator checks the execution of tasks, takes screenshots of reviews and puts them in the report folder. 

Then the cycle repeats from day to day until the order is closed.

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