What to do if I dont see reviews at the App Store

From October 2020 Macs with custom Apple processors will share the same Arm architecture as iPhones and iPads, meaning that they will be able to run many iOS and iPadOS apps without any modifications or recompilation. Like traditional Mac apps, these iPhone and iPad apps will be distributed through the Mac App Store, with in-app purchase options carrying over.

A notice in Apple's developer portal says that all new and existing compatible iPhone and iPad apps will be made available in the Mac App Store on Macs with Apple silicon, unless developers uncheck the "iOS App on Mac" box in App Store Connect. There is no obligation for developers to extend their iPhone and iPad apps to the Mac.

So Apple is Merging iOS Store and Mac Stores. This is a reason why some reviews can be invisible at the iOS store.

If you dont see new reviews at the Store please uncheck this checkbox at the settings of your app. In few hours Apple update your app and new reviews will be available at the App Store.

We recommend to all our clients uncheck this checkbox before start new reviews campaigns!

Before start iOS reviews campaign please open your app page at the any Browser and be sure that you see this notification:

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone.


This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.