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Parameter Type Desription Example
uid int Your user ID in the platform. To know - ask support in the chat. 13
token varchar md5($uid . $email);
Hash of your uid and email of reviewapp account.
Example: md5(13 . '')
applink varchar String with app link. iOS:
task int ID of task, please check here 1
number int Number of required tasks. 100
seed int How many task we should do in a day. 5
texts file EXCEL file
comment varchar Your comment to order. Please plan text only.
If you choose task "Install with keyword", please type here Keyword.
Keyword : viber
Please use Spanish nicknames



{digital} - ID of created order

user not found - please check user ID

token is wrong - please check token generation

applink is missed - you forgot to send app link

cant parse applink - please check app, is it available in the Store?

task is wrong - ID if task is incorrect, please check it again

check values: number, seed, task - check this values, you may miss some

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